Nicole Brown is the owner and founder of SheSets. She is a part time route setter, serial entrepreneur, CEO of multiple climbing gyms, and a skilled climber. Her goal is to create an organization that is dedicated to providing professional training for women as route setters and to build a network for women to promote their own advancement. These goals are easier to meet if you help out, so please consider contributing your voice and thoughts to the SheSets blog. Additionally, keep an eye on this space for a major announcement about our first training program, competition, and social gathering.

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Membership is totally free at this time. Over time, functionality will be added to the site and may possibly necessitate a small membership fee or the addition of advertisements to cover the expense of resources used. Please treat the site with respect should you choose to post, but don't be afraid to speak your mind. We're not interested in heavy handed editing, but may find it necessary to review and suggest changes to posts that are particularly vulgar. You can register as a contributor at the bottom of every page.


As noted above, we're working hard to schedule our first event. While we can't yet release major details, we are planning to host this event in the upcoming Mosaic Climbing facility in the Cincinnati, OH metro. This women's only event will have a route setting competition, clinics, workshops, social gatherings, and a very extensive Intro to Route Setting Course. Female presenters, instructors, and judges will be in attendance, so make sure to register as soon as details come out to reserve your space. Following our social media (links at the bottom of the page) will give you the best opportunity to attend.

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  1. Hello!
    My name is Theresa DiFuccia and I happened to find this website via instagram. I’m incredibly interested in getting involved…I unfortunately cannot participate in the September event, but I’d like to know more! I’m currently a part-time routesetter at the Cleveland Rock Gym. I’ve been on/off setting for about 5 years and climbing for 9. A lot of what you had to say was particularly poignant for me. Last September I went to Vermont to get my USAC level 1 routesetting certification and in the class of 20, I was 1 of 2 girls…unfortunately, the second girl didn’t even show up for the second day of the class. The owner of the Cleveland Rock Gym has been fantastic about giving women opportunities to set, currently about 3 of 7 of our setters are female, however I’m well aware that this is not the case at other gyms. There are no other female setters at the other two gyms in the Cleveland area and it certainly translates to lopsided, overly-powerful, reachy routes and also tends to discourage a lot of female climbers. I’d love to get some more information! Feel free to contact me at theresadifuccia@gmail.com or find me on FB. Thank you!


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