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Your Growth Environment

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

I haven’t had a clue as to the value that I might contribute to this space since I founded SheSets. I’m not a setter. Never have been. My husband hired me to do this CEO job (of LEF and Mosaic Climbing) without interviewing anyone else. Is that even legal? I am tragically under-qualified. However, I am a woman in a leadership position. I do encounter challenges on a regular basis and constantly wish there existed a network of professionals I could consult, swap ideas with, reach out to with issues beyond my capacity. I've settled on the goal of building that network, that openness, that resource, with this little corner of the net.

Now, I wouldn’t exactly advise you reference this site for guided tutorials on your most aggravating problems. I have comically few answers. I mess up and fumble until something haphazardly works. Then I have to retrace my steps to figure out the how and why. If you only knew how badly and consistently I’ve failed, you might think differently of my ‘leadership’. And my most prominent failure (if failure to document doesn't top the list) is not believing in my ability to learn. When a prime opportunity for growth arises, Chris swiftly sneaks in behind me with a bulldozer. (My growth environment is one in which I know nothing and everyone assumes I'm an idiot. Sink or swim, baby.) I am eeyore reincarnate.

The only person I can be is myself, the only perspective I can have is my own, and the only experiences I can share are the ones I’ve lived. I’m, at this point, an old woman in the climbing industry. I’m a roomba learning its boundaries, bumping into every obvious protrusion, falling over every available ledge. I am in NO condition to lead an army of fellow roombas. Maybe, and that’s a maybe verging on probably-not, you’ll learn faster as I yell WATCH OUT! from each precipice I encounter.

For now, I'm choosing to view this space as a journal of sorts, a place to ask questions, investigate, think out loud, with no expectation of a response. This may go absolutely nowhere, and I’ve accepted that outcome as a possibility. But what if it takes off? I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm drowning. Eventually, I will learn.

What is your growth environment? Have you ever shared what that looks like with your co-workers or supervisors?

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